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                  2011-Volume 5, Number 1

                  作者:澳门皇冠 文章來源: 更新時間:2012年08月28日

                  Journal of Modern Chinese History

                  VOLUME 5 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2011






                  The formation of modern concepts of ‘‘civilization’’ and ‘‘culture’’ and their application during the late Qing and early Republican times

                  Huang Xingtao 1


                  Interpreting ‘‘liberty’’: an analysis of the history of ideas

                  Zhang Qing 27


                  The concept of “science” in modern Chinese thought (免費下載 free) 

                  Wang Hui 45


                  Interpreting ‘‘democracy’’ in modern China

                  Xiong Yuezhi 69


                  World revolution knocking at the heavenly gate: Kang Youwei and his use of geming in 1898

                  Chen Jianhua 89


                  Book Reviews 109


                  Notes on Contributors  131



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